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Mind, Heart, & Soul

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  • We will be observing the following SOP in accordance to what has been set by the authorities:

    1. Only registered attendees can enter
    2. All attendees must wear face masks
    3. Scan “Selangkah” QR code before entering
    4. Get temperature checked by Al-Khaadem staff (Must be below 37.5°C)
    5. Maintain social distancing (1 metre) - avoid handshakes and body contact
    6. Stand on the designated line while queuing
    7. Wash hands / Use the hand sanitizer provided before entering

    Please note that we have the right to refuse admission if:
    • Attendee fails to follow our SOP
    • Attendee's body temperature exceeds 37.5°C
    • We have reached maximum capacity for the day

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